Hesitant to buy online?

If you are reluctant to purchase online and your main concern is buying products without first physically reviewing them or the safety of your money involved in the transactions then we would like to clear up your doubts here.

Shopping through the internet brings you unparalleled freedom of choosing from brands and models and also of doing it from the comfort of your own home.

At Oshopindia, we are in the business of creating  lasting relationships with each and every customer. We are here for the long run. So we take efforts to make sure that you don’t face problems of any kind. We verify each and every supplier to avoid having fake products on the website.

Your satisfaction is our priority. The  “Money Safe Guarantee” policy adopted by us is another step to ensure that your payment is secure. We don’t release your payment to the supplier till you get the product.

In the rare occasion that the product turns out to be defective or damaged not only will they be replaced, you will also receive benefits/store credits. The same benefits along with 100% refund  in case the product goes out-of-stock after the order is placed (which may happen during peak seasons).

money safe guarantee

With our assurance for your transactions, you can shop without any worries. So if you are looking to shop online all you need is just a click. A click on Oshopindia.com


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